Technology Acceleration

Technology Acceleration is a program to supplement traditional (brick and mortar) Incubators. Technology Acceleration seeks early stage companies developing high risk hydrogen and energy technologies from concept to prototype using the Foundations shared Computational and Manufacturing platforms while acting as a catalyst for venture capital and innovative financial methodologies. Technology Acceleration is designed to build a Portfolio of Katsujinken Foundation early stage companies and technologies to;

Promote the use of Foundation Computational Research Platform to benefit our Client companies

• Promote the licensing of technologies from National Laboratories and Universities

• Support the research Mission of the Foundation through Intellectual Property and equity development in support of future Foundation research

• Identify industry partners to sponsor Foundation research and collaboration opportunities

• Contribute to environmental stewardship and regional and national economic development.

Innovative Research Grant

Katsujinken Foundation will announce the details of its Innovative Research Grant Program in 2018. The Innovative Research Grant Program will be designed as a precursor to the Federal Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR / STTR) Grant Programs. The objective is to enhance the Grantees' probability of success through financial assistance, computational services (modeling, simulations, design and prototyping), grant writing assistance and Phase 3 venture capital and manufacturing services.

Client Companies

Katsu Technologies