Community Solar

Our Goal: To achieve the Katsujinken Foundation Mission of a Hydrogen Economy, the Foundation is developing a Community Solar Project to support manufacturing in Burlington County New Jersey. Our Plan is to scale to 10MW in each of these Communities with the manufacturing facilities serving as the hub. Solar technology is integral to a Hydrogen Economy. Together they are an alternative to rising fuel cost, they cut carbon emissions, provide high technology jobs, and Community scale energy solutions.

Construction Phase

Operational Phase

Continued Research and Development

  • Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
  • Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production
  • Solar Methane Reformatting

Project Plan

Feasibility Analysis Phase

  • Selection of Project Team                                             

Project Development Phase                                

  • Site selection and resource evaluation
  • Financing / Solar Service Agreement
  • Permitting and environmental review
  • Interconnection and power arrangement
  • Procurement and contracting